Tournament Artist, sponsorship/ player registration form designer


Hello, my name is Cody Bustamante and I am currently a business marketing student at PSU. This year on October 10th 2016 I am hosting a memorial charity golf tournament benefiting the Oregon Food Bank; the tournament will be hosted in the late Governor Victor Atiyeh’s name. I am the tournament director and am currently building a sponsorship/ player registration form as well as a tournament logo.

It is important the forms are visually appealing as well as simple and usable, as we will be soliciting large donations from individuals as well as corporate sponsors. This will be great real-life work experience for a student as well as a great way for them to give back to our community and also acknowledge a man who cared so much for our great state of Oregon.

There is a certain look I am looking for but that does not mean you can’t add your own creative touch. This is a one-time deal but if I need work on the tournament in the future I would love to keep your contact. It really shouldn’t take too long and I would do it myself but am not super artistic and would be very inefficient. The committee has a goal of an over $20,000 donation to the food bank. Your benefits will include work experience and volunteer hours as well as cash pay. I would like to have this done pretty soon as its donation time for our event, but can discuss the date when the student has applied. But will need to be done within 2 weeks.

If this is something you think you would be interested in please apply. I would love to see a few examples of the students work to make sure we find the right person.

If this is something the department is not interested in perhaps you could offer me some advice on where to look next.

Thank you for your time,
Cody Bustamante

Not sure if this will work but something similar to this:



To Apply:

To apply please submit an email with a few examples of your best work. As well as a solid way to contact you.