Student Web Designer

The Student Media department at Portland State University is hiring a student web designer to assist its student-run media organizations. The position is ideal for students looking to improve their skillset and learn new technologies. Main duties include designing miscellaneous web assets, such as wireframes, website mockups & marketing materials. The designer will also collaborate with the other team members to create web-based projects for Student Media. The position, 10 hours per week at $12.50 per hour through June 30, 2018, is renewable annually contingent on student fee funding and reports to the Technology Advisor within Student Media. To work for Student Media, undergraduates must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits per term and maintain at least a 2.5 institutional GPA, as well as a 2.5 GPA each term. Graduate students must be enrolled for 5 credits and maintain a 3.0 minimum institutional GPA, as well as a 3.0 GPA each term.

Designing marketing materials for Student Media Operations
Helping the Student Media groups with design roadblocks
Researching emerging technologies, such as AR and VR, as part of the Innovation Lab
Partnering with the Student Media groups to create projects centered around emerging technologies
Quality Assurance checks on web content

Required Skills:
Adobe Photoshop or equivalent

Additional Preferred Skills:
Adobe Illustrator or equivalent
UX Design
Graphic Design

To Apply:

Please follow the link below to complete the application.