Student Support: Graphic Designer

Capital Projects & Construction (CPC) is a department within Portland State University that works to maintain, improve, and enhance the urban landscape on campus. CPC spearheads projects that range from small office renovations to large-scale developments such as Karl Miller Center (KMC), Collaborative Life Science Building (CLSB), and Neuberger Hall (NH).

We are currently seeking student employees for the 2018–2019 school year to assist Project Managers and office personnel in various tasks. CPC is looking to hire a current 300+ level (post-portfolio) graphic design student with at least 1 full year of schooling left. Perspective employees will earn $13-14/hour.

Students interested in this position are required to have a basic understanding of:

Adobe cloud
Google Suite
Video documentation
Web/content management
Large format printing
Interpersonal skills
And self-motivation

Students interested in this position will have the opportunity to:

Learn new programs that support a multidisciplinary skillset
Create and produce large scale graphics
Create visuals that communicate data
Conduct user research
Design multi-person systems
Work with project managers on small and large scale projects
And more!

To Apply:

Interested students should send their resume and cover letter pdf to cls23@pdx.edu by August 10th!