Striking logo design needed!

Am starting up my own business after having just graduated. Would like to have a striking, clean logo. Would love to work with you if you’re interested in creating a design that says visually what my work conveys in words and deed. The one I have could work, but it’s not the best fit.

CORE Success stands for Clarity, Ownership, Resolution and Excellence. I believe success is who you are, already in your core, and is not something you attain. It emerges:
”A consulting firm providing expert guidance, training, speaking, mediation and coaching services to businesses and individuals aspiring to the highest quality of business operation and strategic execution. We are committed to educate, equip and inspire so that you can utilize your potential and design the business and life you dream of. We over-deliver.”

Am looking for a logo that exemplifies the idea that what we need, all the energy and core of our success is already there, just needs to be tickled out, just needs to emerge.

To Apply:

Pay per hour or for the project, as we decide. Please send some samples of your work and your timeline of availability. If you’ve got talent and desire, please get in touch!

Thank you!