Strategy and Learning Media and Communications Intern


LENGTH OF INTERNSHIP: March – May 2019 (3 months)

INTERN SUPERVISOR & CONTACT INFORMATION: Strategy and Learning Assistant Program Officer


Mercy Corps responsibilities

For the duration of this internship assignment the intern will receive:

Workstation with computer, internet, and phone access
Access to Mercy Corps online tools
Participation in Strategy Team meeting
All other tools, materials and communication requirements for this project to be undertaken
Intern responsibilities

Intern will remain responsible for all costs associated with:

Living expenses
Transportations costs
All other costs associated with this internship

Mercy Corps exists to create positive impact for the communities we serve by ensuring excellence in our work and accountability to ourselves, our donors and our beneficiaries. The Strategy and Learning Team ensures that Mercy Corps has the strategies and learning that will enable it to be a world-class, cutting edge, humanitarian organization, creating transformational change in the world.

The strategy and learning team is looking for an intern to lead the development of three videos for an Agency-wide competition. The competition will celebrate internal initiatives that amplify Mercy Corps’ impact, influence, and innovation. The intern will work closely with selected teams to create a collective vision and storyboard for the video before production begins. As opposed to the use of traditional video footage, the intern will produce a video using motion graphics or animation to tell the teams’ story. The final videos will be shared with the Mercy Corps world. A competition winner will be announced at Mercy Corps’ annual strategic meetings in May.

The intern will additionally assist the Strategy and Learning team in preparation for May’s meetings. This will include, but is not limited to, providing logistical, communications, media and planning support.


Work with diverse teams to create storyboards and scripts to guide video production.
Create three unique videos to highlight teams’ initiatives. Final deadline for video production is 26 April.
Assist in developing communication strategies to engage team members across the agency.
Support the Strategy and Learning team in the lead up to our strategic meetings in May.

Gain an understanding of design processes and work flow in an agency setting
Sharpen video production and editing, communication and storytelling skill sets
Receive critique, feedback and review of concepts, ideas and design work
Be exposed to the planning processes for high-level agency strategic meetings
Build communication, planning and organizational skills
Gain experience in a multi-cultural work environment, coordinating and communicating with a global team across time zones and geographies, many of whom operate in complex, challenging environments.

We’re looking for a creative individual who rises to the challenge and is driven to develop their media and communications by bringing teams’ stories to life visually. Internship candidates should demonstrate the following:

A college or graduate degree (or one in progress) in Communications, Media, Design (or related field)
Command of Adobe Creative Suite and/or related photo and video editing platforms
Demonstrable skills – has a portfolio showcasing process, production and presentation and is familiar with motion graphics/ animation video production
Creative problem solver – able to design, develop and revolutionize ideas
Compelling storytelling skills – able to deliver insights in a way that generates engagement
Attention to detail – able to manage and track requests and changes to projects
Interest in working in a multicultural environment, and with stakeholders in multiple geographies
Empathy and passion for people, organizations and aid – able to discover, delve into and deepen what works to improve aid impact
Mercy Corps interns staff represent the agency both during and outside of work hours and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and respect local laws, customs and MC’s policies, procedures, and values at all times and in all in-country venues.

Diversity is powerful. To achieve transformational change, we seek out team members with different origins, beliefs, backgrounds and ways of thinking. Diversity helps us unlock complexity.

To Apply:

Apply here: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3mZiikwK