Request for Proposal Alternatives to Policing on Transit: Final Report, Graphics & Design

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon has been building a research report that outlines
TriMet’s use of funds for policing on transit in the Portland Metro area. In this report, we
explore alternatives to policing, and outline how and why policing is an issue that OPAL and
community members are concerned about.

Through this report, OPAL seeks to educate the community, stakeholders, and leaders
about the unnecessary and increasing amount of funding that is being allocated towards
policing on transit.

OPAL’s view is that increased policing disproportionately harms already marginalized
communities, who are also more likely to use transit when compared to the general
population. With extensive research to support this idea, our organization has connected
with impacted community members and organizations locally, nationally, and beyond to
provide context for the issue of policing. With community, OPAL is exploring alternatives to
policing in order to advocate for more just forms of public safety.

OPAL seeks one vendor to finalize the report by providing technical skills in the areas of
layout, graphic design and images, and branding. This vendor will have ongoing
communication with the Project Manager and OPAL staff who are involved in the project’s

OPAL is seeking an experienced vendor with the ability to finalize our Alternatives to Policing on Transit Report, including layout, graphics, and other visual components to communicate a vision for safe transportation to the public and decision makers, both printed and electronic. The final report, associated materials, and style guide will be property of OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon.

More details at opalpdx.org/careers ”Request for Proposal: Graphics and Design for Final Report on Alternatives to Policing on Transit”.

To Apply:

Submittal Instructions:
Proposal addressed to Lee Helfend by Sunday, October 10, 2021 by end of day via email
Summary of Criteria for Selection
– Cover Letter
– Vendor experience
– Samples of professionally produced materials
– Budget Proposal
– Timeline Proposal
– Software packages to be utilized
– Questions or requests for additional information