Publicity Coordinator

Publicity Coordinator
PSU Graphic Design Center
Open until filled

Job status: 10-20 hours/week
Apply By: January 31, 2014
Start Date: February 9, 2014
Compensation: $9.50 per hour

Job Description
The Graphic Design Center is a student-operated design studio on campus. Our goals are to provide quality graphic design services while gaining work experience. This job is an opportunity to expand your knowledge, share your passion for design, and work with other students. This position allows for schedule flexibility and independent work to fulfill publicity duties.

The Publicity Coordinator fulfills publicity and marketing duties as assigned by the Manager. The ideal candidate is a self-initiative learner, out-of-the-box thinker, and shows promising capabilities for progressing the GDC. They are always prepared to bring new and fresh ideas to the table. They must be familiar with the tools of modern graphic design, including Macintosh computers, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and other computer programs. Candidates must have a high level of competence in time management and efficiency, as well as the ability to adhere to deadlines. In addition to accomplishing duties of the position, they must be a contributing member of the team and maintain a positive public image of the Graphic Design Center and Portland State University.

Work Distribution
Promotion & Communications: Website, Social Media & Other – 40%
The coordinator is responsible for promoting the GDC and its services to the campus and community. They must be innovative thinkers when it comes to analyzing the best way to promote the GDC and utilize available platforms for advertising. Some duties include posting on the GDC Twitter and Facebook page, collaborating with other groups, and distributing printed materials on campus.

Design & Printing – 40%
They must create various materials to be posted on social media sites and printing materials. It is important to produce quality designs that adhere to the GDC’s brand. The coordinator will also be responsible with working with print shops to print GDC deliverables.

Creative Meetings with Manager – 20%
On a weekly basis, there will be meetings with the manager to discuss marketing and advertising ideas. The coordinator will work closely with the manager in creating promotional materials. By being part of the GDC team, there will be meetings with the whole team to discuss plans for the studio. Candidates must demonstrate investment in the organization’s future by participating in strategic planning with other GDC staff members.

Minimum Qualifications
• Minimum 4 office hours weekly
• Weekly meeting with GDC manager
• Cumulative PSU GPA 2.50 or higher for undergraduate students or 3.0 cumulative PSU GPA for graduate students
• Earn a 2.5 undergraduate GPA or 3.0 graduate GPA for each term enrolled
• Enrollment in and successful completion of a minimum of 6 undergraduate credits or 5 graduate credits per term (except summer)

Successful Candidate Qualifications
• Demonstrates quality poster design experience
• Proficiency in current design software (Adobe Creative Suite)
• Marketing and Advertising interest
• Maintain flexibility in your schedule to take on projects when assigned
• Ability to work on multiple projects
• Efficient self-managing skills in order to meet deadlines
• Uphold high standards of communication and professionalism with clients and the GDC manager
• Self-motivated contributor as a team member

Bonus Skills & Interests (not required)
• Photography skills for social media
• Marketing experience

To Apply:

To Apply
Please submit a cover letter, resume, a work sample of 5 projects, and fill an application online via OrgSync: https://orgsync.com/50621/forms/129229. For questions, please contact Annegeline Manalang, Graphic Design Center Manager, psugdc@gmail.com. Priority review will be given to applications submitted before January 24, 2014 at 12:00pm.