Production Sign Design/Sales

The Production Designer works closely with the design team. This position reports directly to the General
Manager and the Design Manager for job duties and tasks. The role of a Production Designer is to assist in the design and consultation of small to large scale projects that have been delegated from the General Manager/ Design Manager. The Production Designer will design the signage, communicate with the client about the project, and set up fabrication files. The process will be completed by scheduling the installation or arranging receipt of signage (delivery / pick-up).

Job Responsibilities:

-Develop leads and relationships with architects, developers, and general contractors to yield large sign orders—work closely with the Design Manager to learn and grow in the position.

-Price small to medium size jobs with the help of the Bid Estimator, General Manager and Design Manager–All jobs must be entered into Cyrious Control using the new system and all of its capabilities and features.

-Setup consultations and appointments with developers, architects and general contractors to review sign design, code compliance and overall needs/ time-lines of projects.

-Create all submittals for the client’s review using Sign Wizards standard design templates – these templates are required to be used at all times, by all designers.

-The ability to work with other designers/ co- workers in a productive manner with an emphasis on teamwork and openness to new ideas, methods, and processes. Adaptability to changing systems and daily operations is

-Quality control of all products being installed as well as coordinating succinct install systems that minimize oversight and eliminate reproduction of signage due to damage.

-Generate yields on all sign orders/ order product/ write accurate PO forms.

-Good time management as well as limiting side conversation/ meetings to minimum time necessary to maximize efficiency.

-Code compliance: staying up to date on all code requirements, laws, ordinances, and ADA standards established by the federal government or any other municipality.

-Understand and implement reasonable due dates/time-lines. Coordinate due dates with the Production Manager as needed. Communication time-lines with clients clearly, and often. Implement deadlines for clients as needed.

-Consider necessary change order policies when working on contract jobs. Always include Sign Wizards accountant on change order correspondence.

-Code compliance: staying up to date on all code requirements, laws, ordinances, and ADA standards established by the federal government or any other municipality.

-Understand all materials used by Sign Wizards, create new production methods and stay innovative in an ever changing design climate.

Social Skills:

-Source feedback from within the design team before approaching management. Consult General Manager or Design Manager for questions & issues beyond the scope of the design team cohort.

-When necessary, the Production Designer will need to work with the General Manager/ Design Manager to coordinate jobs using transparency, consistency and a positive attitude. The Production Designer will take ownership for mistakes and help the team and General Manager resolve them collaboratively.

-Bring the team together and create an environment where new ideas are encouraged and negativity is not wanted.

-Ability to problem solve and work through differences with co-workers, clients and vendors.

-Act as part of a larger team with an understanding that the smallest tasks to the largest will still be necessary for the Production Designer to participate in (i.e. taking out trash, doing dishes, opening up the shop, etc.).

-Participate in succinct work meetings and avoid discussions that are not in line with team discussion.

-The Production Designer will be expected to dress appropriately enough to hold meetings alongside the design team. Expectations will be discussed between the Design Manager and the General Manager.

Resource Management Skills:

-Managing one’s own time and the time of others—avoid unnecessary side conversations.

-Determining how money will be spent to get the work done, and accounting for these expenditures—good use of production methods so we maximize labor hours (i.e. direct prints versus , traditional route methods versus handset letters, etc.).

-Utilizing all back stock and par leveled products to minimize waste.

-Track time and mobilizations on installs. For additional trips and installation time, be sure to draft change orders and/or communicate with management if necessary.

Computer Skills:

-Proficient in the use of Mac and PC systems.

-Proficient in all programs in the Adobe Suite

-Proficient in navigating CAD files as well as CAD programs

-Proficient and consistent use of Cyrious Control, utilizing all tabs.

-Learn or utilize Excel to create spreadsheets for larger projects at
customer’s request

To Apply:

Email Orders@signwizards.com with your resume and any relevant experience