POLST Logo Design

We are designing our logo/icon/emblem for the National POLST Paradigm (the puzzle piece in the ”O” of our logo). The National POLST Paradigm provides guidance and sets standards for all state POLST Programs; more information is available at www.polst.org. We are separate from the Oregon POLST Program housed at OHSU.

Although we are a non-profit we would be able to offer some compensation. More details will be provided to the final applicant (we have examples of other design concepts) but hopefully the following is helpful in showing the scope of the project.

Our current logo was designed with the following in mind:
* The POLST Paradigm is a process that involves conversations among health care professionals, patients and loved ones. * The image was supposed to represent 3 heads having a conversation and then arms circling around each other to convey a caring environment. Essentially a “circle of communication” and the logo was created to have a dynamic feel—POLST decisions are not final but ones that can be updated as a person’s disease progresses along.
* The pink/shades of pink represent the form being a pink color in most states. We encourage using a bright colored form so that emergency personnel can find it easily on a fridge or in a medicine cabinet.

How we use the logo:
* In all our national logos (see top of attached Branding document) and it is used by some states (as shown in #2 of the Branding Document). Although we have different names for “POLST” generally, as shown, almost all have an “O” in them and we like how it ties the state to the national brand. As note, I’m trying to expand this and get all states to use the state version of the logo so keeping the “O” as the shape of the logo—or something that ties into this would be great.
* Nationally the logo is used on our website, letterhead, policy headers, business cards, educational materials, promotional materials (e.g., USB Keys), etc.
* States use the logo on their website, forms and in educational materials.

What we are looking for:
* Something we can easily use similar to this current design. We like the size of this image and how the same image can be used as the image on Twitter, Facebook, and on all the items mentioned above.
* We’d like to stick to using these pink colors since pink is closely associated with POLST and we want to continue to build that goodwill.

To Apply:

Email Amy with your interest, any previous relevant work that you can provide, and compensation requirements. Timing is dependent on responses; a decision will likely be made in December.