My mother, brother, wife and I produced a family cookbook full of handwritten-then-scanned recipes and family photos, and a written family-history-through-cooking memoir. We printed 50 and gave them to friends at production cost. But a few people also wanted an electronic version; the InDesign file that went to the printer was of course elaborate, but there exists a ”flat” version consisting of two pdf’s, one of the cover and one of the entire guts (129 MB). I want to produce a CD that is somewhat interactive – imagining a cook with a laptop on the kitchen counter, something that s/he could navigate around in or riffle through. Nothing too fancy; just not a big dumb pdf; and ideally something the interactive elements of which are a little lovely and clever. Please bid the job, as you would any freelance job.

To Apply:

Send an e-mail to Sam Lowry, samlowry44@hotmail.com, to ask all questions you have and/or see the published book or the .pdf documents, and submit a bid whenever you are ready. Thanks.