Marketing & Design Assistant

Position Description:
We’re seeking a skilled team member to train as our next generation marketing and design rockstar, while flawlessly executing projects with a great amount of attention to detail.

You will work to assist our team in graphic design projects, produce and coordinate marketing materials, manage our online reputation, schedule and push content, work with our CRM to manage both existing database and client contacts, as well as coordinate new leads between marketing and sales.

Ideal Candidate would have:
Outgoing, friendly personality
Exceptional communication skills (both written and oral)
Tact, diplomacy and ability to maintain calm under pressure
Positive attitude and work well in a team environment
High level of computer skills:
– familiarity with Mac platform
– Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop required)
– MS Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel required)
Ability to learn new tools and programs quickly (CRM and Social Media)

Internet savvy, familiar with social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, blogging)
Innate curiosity for new trends and technology

Exceptional organization, coordination and time management skills:
– Ability to work quickly, maintaining organization while managing workflow
– Work well with timelines, meeting deadlines, checklists and processes
– Work well in a fast-paced, ”never a dull moment” environment
Very detail oriented, while able to zoom out and see the bigger picture and how details connect within the whole
Self-disciplined, self-starter
Ability to multi-task and switch from one project to another
Analytic mind (both quantitative and qualitative)
Problem solving skills and intuition to be able to make judgment calls

Understanding of print production a plus
Video Editing, 3D Rendering, HTML, CSS skills a plus
Prior customer service, office administrative and/or sales experience also a plus
SEO, CMO and SEM also a plus

We’re anticipating this to be a long-term position.
This is not a remote position.
Position will be hourly for the first 90 days with the potential for a salaried position and health benefits. Advancement and pay increases will depend on person’s growth in the job and skill level exhibited in performing their tasks.

To Apply:

Please provide resume, portfolio (or link) and salary history for past two positions along with why you feel this position might be something that you could excel in.