Logo Designer

This is a temporary position to create a logo for NDIF to reflect its purpose and spirit.

About NDIF:

NDIF is founded by Nepali diaspora professionals living in the United States of America. It’s a collective investment platform to invest in Nepal and the US. It was incorporated in January 2019 as a stock corporation with Commonwealth of Virginia, USA and with plans for branch offices in Nepal, Canada, and other countries.

Our goal is to provide opportunity for millions of diaspora Nepalis to make collective investment in Nepal bringing about transformational change in lives of Nepalis back home as well as generating high returns to diaspora Nepalis. We also plan to invest in businesses around the globe in future with portfolio diversification. While NDIF will be primarily owned and operated by diaspora Nepalis, we are also open to investment from other stakeholders.

NDIF will invest primarily in Nepal in the country’s priority sectors (clean energy, infrastructure, tourism, technology, and agro-industry) set by the Government of Nepal (GoN) as well as other productive sectors with high socio-economic impact and sustainable profits. We aim to unleash unprecedented investment potential of ever-growing Nepali diaspora and establish it as a major developmental partner.

To Apply:

Please email us if you are interested.