Logo Design

I am in the start up phase of a non-profit organization to help people acknowledge and deal directly with stress and find personal peace. I am looking for a student volunteer to design a logo that will make Bring2Light shine.

Stress is at an epidemic level, and has become a much bigger problem than we realize. People are suffering dramatically because of it, and succumbing to illness. Resolving the gap between the extremes of unacknowledged, accumulated stress and personal peace in daily life today, is the mission Bring2Light, intends to accomplish, thus helping to avoid illness and accomplish a fulfilling life. Through a Community Awareness Campaign of on-going public events featuring laughter, humor and fun, we’ll re-educate and bring about a shift in the collective understanding of stress vs.personal peace.

To Apply:

This project is a positive step toward growth, broadening and sharpening your professional skills, plus will be a good addition to your resume. If you would enjoy designing a logo for an organization like Bring2Light and you’re able to volunteer your talent and time, you will be making a contribution to a worthy cause. Grace will offer you a personal letter of thanks and recommendation on Bring2Light’s stationery, with your logo design.

* Please email Grace if interested – grace@bring2light.org
* working on line, and communicating via phone and text