Logo and Brand Strategy Refresh/Update

We are a non-profit pediatric therapy clinic in the Portland Area providing Occupational and Physical Therapy. One of our goals this year is to upgrade our philanthropic outreach and develop new marketing and create some different marketing materials and approach for that effort. Part of that is to refresh/update our 25 year old logo and develop a brand strategy.

This volunteer position would be project oriented so we do not have an established idea of how many hours we need. However we do have an established design artist who will be available to review and assist in providing feedback on design and branding proposals. To apply, A letter of interest, resume and portfolio could be submitted via email or fax.

We have been serving special needs children in the Greater Portland Area for over 25 years and recently restructured as a non-profit in order to access additional funding options for our clients. Another goal in updating our logo and branding is to aid in fundraising for our Scholarship Fund which provides desperately needed therapy services to children who are uninsured and under-insured.

Fax number: 503-650-4302