Letterpress Assistant at Archie's Press

Assistant for Archie’s Press, Portland, ORE summer 2013

Dates: June 15th-August 31st. 5-10 hours per week (at least 15 hours of production/month).

Overview: The Archie’s Press assistantship is an opportunity for a burgeoning graphic designer/letterpress printer/creative professional to extend their skills and network. It’s also an opportunity to see, first hand, the unfolding of a tiny business into a not-quite-as-tiny business in a many capacities including:

Production (Printing/Packaging/Shipping) (Paid, $10/hour)
Web Marketing (Social Media, Emailing blogs etc.)
Trade Shows (Setting up a fancy display, helping to design and build cool display stuff with a design-builder. Even build your own!)
Business meetings (Sit in on meetings with business consultant to learn the important business questions that need answering.)
Available to print, sometimes for an entire day, with a week’s notice.
Available to help package and ship products.
Interested in participating in many facets of the business’s growth.
Every other piece of running a letterpress printed product line! There are many!

Base knowledge of letterpress printing.
Membership at Em Space (paid for after 15 hours of production.)
An interest in entrepreneurial ventures, with plans to start/grow your own venture.
A college degree or equivalent accomplishment (Climbed Mt. Everest, can spin plates, eats hot dogs etc.)

$10/hr after first 15 hours per month for production. (The first 15 hours will go toward your membership at Em Space.)
Optional participation in other activities (Unpaid, but valuable experiences) (Trade Shows, Craft Shows, Social occasions etc.)
Access to networks at retail shops, potential connections to Wieden+Kennedy and other cool people in Portland who could help you find jobs and freelance gigs.
Opportunities to do custom job printing at your own rate.