Law Firm Logo Design Project

I am a local attorney in Portland that has practiced for 16+ years working for one of the NW’s largest law firms, the City Attorney’s Office and as General Counsel for the Portland Business Alliance. I am considering starting my own law firm. I would like a law firm logo, and I have some ideas of what I want it to look like. But I need professional assistance to finalize it. I have basic ideas of color scheme, font and general look. I have designed a few very, very crude logos using Paint. A graphic designer friend recommended to me that I contact PSU to see if anyone would be interested in taking my crude drawing and putting the finishing touches on it as a means of getting some projects completed.

I want a clean, modern font with an identifiable color scheme. Very basic. To give an example of what I’m looking for, you can look at the website for Markowitz Herbold:


I am open to a flat fee or hourly rate. If it was on an hourly basis, we’d need a good understanding of possible hours involved. I’d also consider giving specific named credit re the logo on my website as a means of additional recognition/compensation for a period of X years if you are interested in reducing the fee rate to get the credit. (My law firm idea is in the preliminary stages, so there is no current website. It’s being created by another.). If we decide to move forward, I’d ask that you sign an agreement stating that I own the intellectual property rights to the logo after final payment.

The law firm would be a general litigation firm for business litigation, along with basic contract drafting and some plaintiff’s work (employment, constitutional rights, consumer protection, etc). It would also assist clients with government regulatory issues (permits, licenses, fees, taxes, lawsuits, etc).

To Apply:

Please email me if interested at:

Please include your contact information and suggested hourly or flat rate fees, and whether that is inclusive of any recognition credit on the website. I’d prefer contact via email in the beginning, but I will share my cell phone # once we get started. I will also send a file with my crude Paint files at that time so you can see what I’m thinking. I look forward to hearing from you.