Journal Cover — Art

The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs at Portland State is looking for cover art for its inaugural issue. Once chosen, this cover art will be the jumping off point for many social media platforms and will be distributed to public affairs colleges across the nation and world. This will offer an artist to add to their portfolio, as this position is unpaid. The author will receive a special thanks in the journal and be recognized at the journal’s publication party in Spring 2017.

To Apply:

The cover should be an amalgamation of some combination of the following: Portland, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Public Affairs/Administration/Policy, Portland State University, political science, urban planning, etc. It may include the acronym HGJPA as well as the full name of the journal. It should emit an air of gravitas as the subject matter of the journal is quite serious. However, we do encourage artistic license, so as to capture the spirit of the region. Possible inspirations from related journals could come from the Chicago Policy Review, The Harvard Kennedy School Review, and www.oyez.org.