Internship – Volunteer

I am an alumni from PSU. I graduated with BA in MGMT and HR in 2015. Now, I have a solution for an HR problem. I am planning on creating an app and a website to solve the problem. I have been contacted by a representative from Extendrum.com. I will have a presentation to show case my idea to the board of directors in 2 weeks. The representative has already approved my idea, the presentation’s main purpose is to make it official. We will form a partnership LLC soon after my presentation.

Now, I have hand drafted the frame of the website and the app. I need a designer to make it slidable for the programmers. In short term, I can help you do it as an internship with Extendrum. When the company is being formed and goes to business, we will priority you as employee.

To Apply:

I am looking for someone who is extremely ambitious, entrepreneurial and creative. Please send me you resume, work sample and contact information.

I am looking forward to hear from all of you.