Industrial Design Intern

Ascari Bicycles offers classically designed, hand-built bicycles. Founded in 2011 by designer Helio Ascari and framebuilder Gary Mathis, Ascari Bicycles fuses a timeless sense of fashion with an equally timeless appreciation for the hand-built bicycle.
At Ascari Bicycles we design and build our bikes. All our frames, forks and stems are made by us in the USA. By using time proven techniques and only the best materials we are able to build the finest bicycles on the planet. As with the details such as our logos and head badges, the dropout faces and serial number badges are brazed in copper and brass.

Job Description:
– Someone with excellent drawing skills and eager to learn about bicycle and parts
– Draft sketches and illustrations of potential products or work on enhancing an existing product to make it more appealing to consumers.
– Use blueprints, detailed drawings, or computer-aided designs to demonstrate product potential.
– Work with engineering, marketing, production, and/or sales departments to establish and evaluate design concepts for manufactured products.
– Work on package design or improving industrial machinery.
– Research cost of production materials and labor to produce product.
– Develop manufacturing protocol.
– Develop industrial standards and regulatory guidelines.

This is a non paid internship, we are flexible with the hours since we are a small company, we can manage the hours according to the candidate needs.

To Apply:

Please send resume to Helio Ascari:
helio@ascaribicycles.com or contact at 9177030018