Illustrator for Children’s Book

Ideally, you’ve studied great children’s book illustrators for picture books. You may know how to format margins on MAC. You may even do hand lettering. (Great!) You work in gouache, not watercolor. You’ve (maybe?) been drawing all your life. Look at figures from Maurice Sendak and Ruth Krauss books to see what I have in mind. I belong to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. This is a very difficult market. But I think I have a marketable story. I live right on the transit line from PSU. Some of this could be done at home if you’re advanced in sharing on-line. I’d rather reserve until I receive a resume, photo, sample work and – most of all – a letter of interest telling me all your skill sets (however irrelevant they may seem). Certainly tell me what children’s books you like, what illustrators you admire. You might want to create a character individual to yourself and decorate the page – not necessarily with a border (could be) but birds, trees, a baby stroller, a pigeon. I’m not seeking absolutely realistic. Can’t be abstract. Seeking an invidual voice of animate and inanimate elements that seem to you witty in some way. Or, endearing. Can you draw just about anything? Construction machines if you had to? Guess , draw, write!
A wonderful opportunity with a well-established artist/writer who doesn’t draw.

To Apply:

I’ve mentioned above what I’d like you to send me. I have all respect for tests, term papers, projects. But! what if your advisor
(on seeing my resume) concluded if you could illustrate an entire book – maybe gain publication or a prize – that this could get you credit with PSU. If you’re the one – and advanced in your skills – there will be money too. We’ll negotiate.

Do write soon please. Time is of the essence. Sincerely, Sandra