Graphic/Web Designer

As a graphic designer – you will be building complete design concepts. We start with the identity of the person likely to buy the product. We give that person DNA Traits. From there, we create descriptions that accurately define him as a living breathing person. For each DNA Trait, a graphical icon is then created. These DNA Traits, then become the backbone of the next graphical needed.

Think about the video game Halo – or the movie The Circle. These are both examples of how one can take a holistic approach to branding. Everything in the Halo universe has its quintessential design elements. From user interface, to the surrounding world…

In the marketing space, Garrett White has done a tremendous example of this:


As you watch that video, ask yourself, ”Can I create/dream up those kinds of graphics?” Do I understand the power of visual representation to support a message? I’m not talking about the motion graphics. I’m just talking about the raw materials.

Too often, web/graphic design is thought of as just a ”Logo.”

But I want someone who see’s graphic design and branding in a holistic approach. We are going to create a Religion. We are going to create a Code to live by. Grahical protocols. Process maps. We are going to create a Clothing Line. We are going to create Culture…

When someone buys our products. They’re not just going to buy our products. Because of our design, matched with our Storytelling, they are going to step into a new universe. Just like, for example, if you stepped off the Halo spacecraft what would you see? You wouldn’t just see colors. Or a logo. You would see an entirely different (visual) world, than any you had experienced previous.

Are you up for the challenge?

To Apply:

Please apply through our website: https://agentmarketingsyndicate.lpages.co/careers-cf-webdesigner/