Graphics Design

Hi. I’m an adjunct professor in PSU’s Systems Science program. I have written a non-fiction business book, based on my class, which I will be self publishing. I need a graphics designer to help with the figures. As of now, there are 110 figures. The majority are drawn in PowerPoint (by myself). I need them redone to enhance the appearance. I will be publishing both on Createspace (print format) and Kindle (Ebook), so getting the graphics to be acceptable in both formats is crucial. If you have a Kindle, you have probably noticed that graphics are usually quite poor. However, as I understand, this need not be the case. Aaron Shepard, in his book ‘Pictures on Kindle’ discusses how to properly format images for Kindle. I need someone who is a wizard on Photoshop and can handle all the formatting challenges. The graphics themselves are not that challenging. I can forward a pdf file to you with some sample graphics if that will help get a handle on the job. The pay will be commensurate with your experience and capabilities.

To Apply:

If you are interested please send me an email (rdjolly@pdx.edu) with your qualifications and expectations on pay. Please directly address your experience as it pertains to the challenges of the project outlined above. I’m posting this job on the freelancing sites (guru, elance, etc), so I’ll have a good feel for the going rate. But, if possible, I would like to support the local academic community.