Graphic Designer: Logo Concept & Realization

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) at Tohoku University, Japan, is establishing an online portal for a community of international educators through which they may discuss classroom assessment practices. The project needs an attractive logo to represent the core values of learning in a Japanese context.
The graphic designer will be given a number of visuals (illustrations and photographs) which represent the essence and spirit of the project. The visual representations need to be combined into a single JAfLN logo. The designer will, in collaboration, creatively manipulate those images to create a persuasive and informative logo.
In practice, the designer will be the creative driving force, but should be prepared to work closely with the project-head by sharing creative direction on a regular and frequent basis.
*Payment: After initial discussion the designer will provide an estimate of time and cost for this project, which will be sent to Tohoku’s GSE for approval.

To Apply:

Please email ianclark01@gmail.com (or clarki@uw.edu)