Graphic Designer – iOS mobile application

Hubble is a mobile application startup based in Tigard, OR, whose main goal is to bring people in communities closer together. Without going into detail, Hubble is an exciting social networking idea that has the potential for virality, as well as revolutionizing the way people in communities interact. So far, the team is made up of Taylor Bui, who completed 3 years studying Finance at Gonzaga University, but left to start this company. And Osvaldo Lopez, a lifelong programmer who is the initial full-stack engineer. We are looking for a graphic designer to create professional wireframe designs. We have a full rough draft design, but simply need it implemented on the correct software, i.e. Sketch. We prefer someone who has a decent amount of free time and can do the job in a timely manner. This could be competing with Silicon Valley startups, they operate at light speed and we can’t risk moving too slow. Compensation will be in the form of a flat payment as well as equity. The terms will be discussed with any interested individual. This is not a complicated project, so it shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks if you have the available time. We are in a state of urgency, so please reach out asap if you’re interested. If you know anyone else interested then have them connect with us. Thank you for reading and your consideration!

To Apply:

Applying will be simple, send an email to taylorbui.sm@gmail.com with basic background information on yourself, your graphic design skills/ability/history, and attach any resume or projects that you may have done. Again, we are acting urgently so the sooner you reply the better chance you have of getting the job.