Graphic Designer

– create visual assets to be published in the magazine, on the website and various media outlets
– support or lead designer for the magazine
– participate in group collaborations, discussions and regular weekly meetings
– become proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and similar apps
– gain leadership and communication skills
– gain knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, small business practices, independent publishing and community building

Positions are available throughout the year as we cycle in quarters for each issue.
Please send your resume, portfolio and any other professional content or ways to view your work.

– All skill levels are accepted
– Unpaid internship
– 3-12 months commitment depending on interest level and availability.
– Average between 5-20 hours per week depending on availability and personal agenda
– School credit is available with the proper paper work

To Apply:

Email cribdesignhouse@gmail.com with subject line ”Graphic Designer Application – [NAME] (via PSU.GD)”. Feel free to include your resume and any additional relevant information or materials.