Graphic Designer

Last year, my father found his birth father through a combination of DNA testing and genealogical sleuthing. Now we’re working on a start-up business that will provide the same service to others. Though we’re beginning to collaborating with a web designer to design and build the website, we need a graphic designer specializing in branding to create the company logo.

Company Description:
Search for your biological father and learn the beauty of your story with myY. We start where the paper trail ends, using genetics and genealogy to help uncover your father’s identity and restore your paternal heritage. myY empowers searchers to learn who they are in a way that was previously impossible. We give hope in a journey that will help them answer life’s greatest question.

Couple of inspirational websites:


Time-related Stuff:
No specific working hours are necessary; company staff can available as needed to provide needed information, collaborate with, and review work. We’d like to approve the final logo by no later than March 15, 2016. Sooner would be even better.

$500 for the final logo artwork

To Apply:

Please send examples of any branding-related/typography work to the email address listed above along with your availability to chat by phone.

***Any preliminary thoughts about design direction for the logo would be welcome.