Graphic Designer

Call for a Graphic Designer

Calling all committed and responsible graphic designers!

Anthós is a student-run, peer-reviewed, open-access undergraduate academic journal published by the University Honors Program (UHP) of Portland State University (PSU). Anthós publishes papers written by PSU undergraduate students from all disciplines, in an attempt to promote the undergraduate academic discussion at PSU, to provide UHP students with the experience of working on an academic journal, and to provide PSU students interested in continuing their education through graduate and professional schools the opportunity to publish their undergraduate research.

We are seeking an individual to fill our graphic designer position. Tasks will include creation of visual designs for our website(s), promotional materials like flyers and bookmarks, and formatting of our annual issue. The ideal individual will have the following qualifications:

-Extensive experience with photoshop and google docs as well as personal access to such tools
-Minimal (but not required) experience with HTML
-Ability to commit to 3-5 hours of work and attend occasional meetings on campus (no more than once a month)
-Excellent and frequent email communication
-Exceptionally responsible and reliable.

To Apply:

Your application should include:
-Digital portfolio
-No more than 5 pieces of any medium / style
-.pdf format (some mediums may need to be scanned)
-Cover letter in the body of your email
-Please email to anths@pdx.edu

Applications due October 17. Interviews will be scheduled as soon as we receive your application.

Please feel free to email us with any questions!