graphic design

I need a logo for METARENA, portlands first virtual reality eSports center. We want to keep everything about this company local, we have an opportunity to bring something really special to portland for all its gaming community. would like 2 -4 mock ups to review and have revised to pick out one finnal logo.

To Apply:

I want the logo to pop, we are trying to represent the community, video gaming, virtual reality, eSports, and competition. we like the colors orange, grey, black, and purple, we were thinking a circle of some kind, and we want the A in the middle of METARENA to be the high light of the logo, since its a play on words for meta-gamer we don’t want to lose that when you see the logo. I would love to chat more with whoever takes this project on over e mail more anout detail after bouncing ideas. we need you fo as long as you need to make logos up review with me and revise them. I was looking to play around $100 or less. I look forward to hearing from you