graphic design

my partner and I are trying to bring Portland Oregon its first virtual reality and esports gaming center. with a pay to play system, and organized tournaments.
I need 2 logos made for my company, one for Ludology LLC the company behind METARENA, the logo I have now is a placeholder but it could be better. but i need a METARENA logo ASAP we are still in funding mode so we are trying to brand our selfs and get a solid logo so we can start spreading the word while we are looking for potential investors. I need you for enough time to mock up designs and go over and revise them for 2nd drafts, but the sooner the better. maybe we can talk about additional jobs and projects as the project develops and your involvement with our company there are lots of great opportunities in this virtual reality and esports industry. please help us bring something amazing to Portland

To Apply:

id like to talk more about detail and bonce some ideas, but I know we want the METARENA to show community since we are trying to bring a new social gaming network to light(we were thinking a circle of some kind?). but since we will have tournaments I want the sense of competition to be present(shield?). we like the colors orange, white, grey and black, even purple. I want it to pop, plus we have to think about the decor of the facility down the line. the middle A in METARENA need to stand out maybe the first M as well, but the A for sure since the play on words need to be there. META ARENA=METARENA. but we cant lose focos that we are a state of the art gaming center. thanks for taking the time to read this i hope to hear from you soon