Graphic Artist–Volunteer

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) is an international nonprofit headquartered in Portland. VeDA’s mission is to support and empower patients with inner ear and brain balance disorders on their journey toward recovery. This mission is executed through its website and with support over the phone.

While VeDA’s staff is small (four full-time and two part-time), its communications are diverse and frequent. VeDA just finished rebranding and is looking for volunteer assistance. I am hoping a graphic arts and/or film student has a need for volunteer, resume or internship hours.

The projects VeDA needs assistance with are:

–Infographics (creation & rebranding): VeDA normally issues at least one new infographic each year. Also, staff has not had time to rebrand existing infographics.
–Existing patient and professional flyers and forms need updating and there are new forms which are needed to be created.
–A video showing a “day in the life” of a vestibular patient for posting on Facebook and YouTube.
–Promotional videos for Steps-2-Balance (May) and Balance Awareness Week (September). These are VeDA’s two events which are virtual.

Executive Director Cynthia Ryan is usually creating these because she has access to InDesign. If a student could assist and work under her supervision, it would free her time to address programmatic needs.

If a student needs volunteer/intern hours AND has access to InDesign, please contact me at the phone/email below.

Michelle Eyres, Development Manager
michelle.eyres@vestibular.org | 503.294.9085

To Apply:

Email resume or experiences to michelle.eyres@vestibular.org.