Graphic artist director, Portland State Women’s Basketball

We are looking for a dedicated individual who is willing to be a director of graphic design and social media for a NCAA division 1 athletic program, in women’s basketball, at Portland State. This person will help promote our program by promoting a social media and recruiting mail out strategy. This person will be expected to have art work ready to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other viable social media outlets. For recruit, boosters, and kid’s club mail outs, this person will help with a strategic mail out campaign. They will help with ideas and weekly mail out designs. Our budget is limited, and the opportunity is significant. You will gain experience in promotion of NCAA athletics and your audience will be far reaching. Basketball knowledge is not necessary and you can work from home. Our offices are located in the Stott Center.

To Apply:

Please send a detailed resumé, cover letter, and 3 references to Alison Hewa, alihewa@pdx.edu.