Graphic Artis

PSU Opera will present the world premier of Mirror Game November 29.
We are looking for a graphic artist to create 3 avatars that are from a video game. Characters in the opera are creating this game during the opera. Avatars will be projected on the walls of the stage and may make some very limited movements.

Synopsis of Opera
Gaming programmers, Cybil, Olivia and Melody get transported into a video game called, “Playing With The Big Boys,” the game that teaches you how to make it in a man’s world. In order to escape, they must win. In order to win they must eliminate one another from the game entirely as they compete for the same promotion in a Silicon Valley company. However, Cybil and Olivia are in love. Each must choose between power and wealth and their relationship.
Overtly the story explores the consequences of internalizing a masculine narrative and subverting the feminine. Cybil, (inspired by disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes) creates a lie that sky-rockets her to fame and success. Yet, it metastasizes within her, perverting the woman she once was. While it first appears she wins the game, once the lie is exposed, she loses everything.

To Apply:

Please contact Christine Meadows at meadowsc@pdx.edu if you are interested.