GDC Mananger

The Graphic Design Center is a student-run design studio on campus. Our clients are typically Portland State University student organizations and departments, but there are opportunities to work for outside clients as well. This position begins in June, date negotiable.

The ideal Studio Manager candidate will be familiar with the tools of modern graphic design, including Macintosh computers, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and other computer programs. A successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to proficiently complete design tasks through submission of a portfolio in .pdf or online format.

A major in graphic design is strongly preferred. You are not required to have passed the sophomore portfolio review to apply.

The ideal candidate will have broad knowledge base across various aspects of design (print experience required; interactive media experience is a plus). The incumbent must demonstrate a self- driven attitude and be willing to devote time toward developing new skills. The position requires patience, strong communication skills, and attention to detail. Candidates must have a high level of competence in time management and efficiency, communication, and the ability to adhere to deadlines in a climate of rapidly shifting priorities.

This position will vary from 10- 20 hours per week. Pay rate is $10.00 per hour. Work study appreciated but not required.

The GDC manager handles various design projects as well as assigning projects to the staff designers, communicating with clients, and works with the Coordinator of Student-led Services to handle budgetary and financial matters.

Specific Duties Include:
Serve as both a designer completing jobs, and as adviser and manager of any graphic design center employees on issues of design and equipment usage.
Communicate with clients, managing all aspects of the design project.
Serve as both a designer completing jobs, and as adviser and manager?of any graphic design center employees on issues of design and equipment usage.
Managing business matters, including project tracking and billing.
Marketing and promoting the Graphic Design Center and its services to the university community and the public.
Work alongside the Coordinator of Student-led Services to craft a budget and handle financial matters that arise.
Handle hiring of designers when necessary.

Eligibility requirements:
Must pass a minimum of 6 undergraduate or 5 graduate credits in Fall, Winter and Spring terms, earning a minimum 2.5 undergraduate or 3.0 graduate GPA.

To Apply:

Submit a letter of interest, a resume and work samples online here:


For questions, please contact psugdc@gmail.com.