Freelance: Logo and Label Design for a Granola Bar

Hello! I’m looking for a senior-level graphic design student to develop a logo for my granola bar business as well as a label for the bars themselves. I’d like to collaborate with someone who has a demonstrated interest in food packaging design. I will, of course, send you some granola bars for design inspiration.
I am a start-up based in Houston, TX and I bake granola bars out of my kitchen. Demand is outpacing supply, so I am working with a manufacturer to produce my bars in greater numbers. I am in that funny in-between place where I’m still small with opportunities to grow much bigger….very much like a talented student who hasn’t been discovered by the wider marketplace yet.

I have a good idea of the image I’m after, but I do want to go through the design process with you. The budget for this first phase of work is $300-$400 and I will need the finished product by early June. If our collaboration is successful, there will be more opportunities to work together.

To Apply:

Please send relevant examples of your work to ClothoSpinner@yahoo.com. I’m happy to answer questions via email or phone at 281-819-1944.