Freelance cover designer

I’m the editor of an online science fiction and fantasy magazine, Metaphorosis. We publish high quality stories, but our artwork could be better. I’m building up a roster of talented artists to call on when their style suits the month’s stories. We’re based in Oregon, and I’m reaching out to you in case you think some of the art department’s students might be interested. Some things to know:

Monthly – we use one piece of each month.
Pay – we pay $50 per piece, by PayPal, on acceptance.
Concept – art is based on one of the month’s stories, which I generally know at least a month in advance.
Process – I provide one or more broad concepts, along with some description from the story/stories in question, 1 month before publication. The artist provides one or more rough sketches, and I choose one. A good draft is due 2 weeks before publication, and there may be 1-2 rounds of minor tweaks.
Credit – we do, of course, credit all artists, provide links to their websites, publish brief bios, etc.

If you think that might interest your students, I’d appreciate your making the opportunity known to them. I am, of course, happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for your time.

Morris Allen

To Apply:

See general art guidelines here: http://magazine.metaphorosis.com/guidelines/art-guidelines/