Executive Director

I am looking for a logo design for my start up that addresses families in need of housing. I would love to have a student design a logo that will capture the idea of this organization. There will be a $150 prize for the logo that is chosen.

Company Description: Family Essentials, LLC (Family Essentials) is a short-term service provider that helps families involved with the Department of Human Services Child Welfare to connect to community supports and services. We provide advocacy to help families through barriers to safety and well-being. Family Essentials provides assistance to families to engage in services to help meet their needs for stability, social and community supports.

Mission: Family Essentials, LLC works with families to increase access to opportunities so they can obtain resources that will help them achieve their goals regarding independence and self-sustainability.

Value Statements: Family Essentials, LLC values the three T’s. Transparency, tolerance, and tribute:
Transparency holds that we share information with and about participants in an intentional and open way.
Tolerance means that we demonstrate an open-mind and patience with participants, staff, and the community.
Tribute refers to our ability to hold culture and life experience in high regard.

To Apply:

Please submit designs via email to llwillia22@gmail.com.