Editorial Designer for Hand-Eye Supply

Project Assignment: Layout for the newsprint catalog for Hand-Eye Supply’s Pop-Up Institute for Craft and Ingenuity.

About the Pop-Up Institute…
From Friday, August 16th, 2013 to Sunday, September 15th, 2013 Hand-Eye Supply will have a fully realized pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty (run by Urban Outfitters) in Los Angeles, alongside a monthlong educational happening in that same space. Our intention is to encourage people from all backgrounds, ages and interests to learn about and get involved with the processes of design, making and manufacturing. We intend to do this by creating more than a pop-up shop, and creating a space for collaboration, learning, experimenting and so on, that is inspired by the alternative education movements. We plan to have 2-3 events per week at the pop-up that could be any of the following: lectures, film screenings, small workshops, gatherings, gallery shows, open mic’s, dance parties, pot lucks, etc. This catalog will serve as a defining statement for the entire project.

Who we need: We are in search of a graphic designer specializing in print layout to assist in the creation of a catalog we are putting together for a monthlong pop-up shop and ”educational happening” we are doing in Los Angeles beginning in August. This graphic designer will need to be able think on their feet, and not wince at a tight deadline. They will also need to be able to work collaboratively with us, and take direction well.

What we need: We are assembling images / text to be laid out by the graphic designer on a 4-up newsprint poster. The final size of the poster will be 17-1/4” x 22-3/4” and fold down to 8-3/4” x 11-3/8”. We will be printing front and back, black on newsprint. The following will need to be included in the layout, and will be provided by us.

On the front:
Illustrations and type treatments by Matt Sundstrom.

On the back (may include but is not limited to):
An essay on the meaning of the project
Additional information / images for the project
A schedule of events
Degraded black and white images from our ”Makers in the Modern Era Catalog”
Degraded product images
A 5 question quiz with existing illustrations
A manifesto
Mind Maps!

This catalog is to serve as…
a recruitment pamphlet for a craft cult
it extolls the virtues of a life of creative praxis
it attracts young minds pre-disposed to creative activities of collecting, documenting, organizing, planning, marking building, deconstructing

it gives a glimpse of the lifestyle, the day-to-day, the accoutrements, incidentals, style and joie de vivre of creative pursuits
it sets up a pantheon of heroes and a constellation of values to guide one’s path
it draws people in and propels them to action

it is a record of its own process of creation
it anticipates and precipitates the happening – a herald
it communicates place and people, from pdx to LA, the links of spirit
it places the endeavor in context, tracing the journey so far (Hand-Eye’s catalogs, parade floats, curiosity clubs)
it, like many passionate creations, contains too much information, ideas and visual information

References (not to be taken literally, but for general visual vibes):
Crap Hound Magazine
Pork Magazine
DIY Zine Movement
Black Mountain College

Hand-off of all copy, images, outlines, etc. needed to layout the catalog – July 15th.
First draft due – July 17th.
Final due – July 19th.