Design/multi-media intern

Car Krush is a company formed through the creative partnership of designers, photographers and car enthusiasts, our goal is to support, promote and educate women in the pursuit of attaining their automotive daydreams. Our principal product is merchandise created from a large scale conceptual photo shoot of a woman and her car; all net profits of sold merchandise going directly into the car, turning projects into daily drivers.

A Car Krush intern can be involved in any or all of the following:
-Layout/content development of our ”Sunday Drive” publication; a black and white quarterly zine pairing distinct vehicles and their respective technical data with outfits for driving said vehicles, taking into consideration, geography and driving conditions.
-Post-production photo editing
-Layout of lenticular merchandise for sale, this can also include working with a printer and sourcing manufactures
-Layout of animated flip books
-Conceptualizing & developing merchandise
-Production assistant for large scale photo shoots
-Photography/lighting assistant
-Conceptualizing & producing photo shoots
-Developing social media campaigns

All intern work will be printed and/or sold and available for immediate portfolio use, this is a great opportunity for young designers to grow and experience the process of producing and selling merchandise on a large scale. The number of hours worked will be based upon intern availability. This is a non paying position, at a small company; with the right fit there is employment or freelance opportunities, after completion of internship or demonstration of strong skill set.

For more information on exactly what Car Krush is all about email emily@car-krush.com, we will send you pdf outlining what we do, past work and future plans.

To Apply:

Email emily@car-krush.com examples of your work, a short bio, why you are interested in Car Krush, what skill sets you have to offer and what you would like to learn from us. Don’t be afraid to be creative with examples of your work we are a young, laid back, passionate company persuing a good time!