Designer for Logo and Website Building

Creative/Artistic project. I am in the start up phase of a non-profit organization. The idea is substantiated, but I don’t yet have funds for the project since fundraising has to be done to actually launch it. I would be grateful to find a volunteer to design a logo and a website. I have a clear idea of the kind of logo I that would serve the mission and purpose of the work, and I have started a template type of website myself, just to have something, but it is still under construction. I want a site built with WordPress and would love to learn to make additions and maintain it. I hope to find someone who can ”get” the feeling of the work I plan to introduce to the community. the.mission, purpose, vision and goals of the organization and transmogrify that understanding into a logo design that communicates it and a website that brings abundant traffic and attracts a loyal following.

Some information about Bring2Light:
Stress is at an epidemic level, in and around the cities in our country, and is a much bigger problem than most of us realize. It’s actually a pandemic, a world-wide problem. Too many people are suffering dramatically because of it, and succumbing to it’s related illnesses. The statistics are over the top, so people know that it’s a definite problem. But too many don’t know what to do about it.

Yet, on the other hand, it is possible for a person to achieve Personal Peace. There is a broad gap between these two extremes. The work of Bring2Light is to bring unsung solutions to light, and to bridge this gap. To educate people on a range of topics from… the dangers of unacknowledged stress, how to use laughter, humor and fun to deal with stress, building resiliency to it, how illness is prevented… to what is personal peace and how we find it The launch of an Awareness Campaign, through on-going public events will begin a collective re-education and bring about social change for the necessary acknowledgment of stress as a ”social issue,” so that healing can begin and personal peace can become possible.

If you are able to volunteer your time and talent, it can be an opportunity to broaden, sharpen and grow your professional skills and make a contribution to a worthy cause. This work is notable experience for your resume, and Grace will offer you a personal letter of thanks and recommendation on Bring2Light’s logo stationery, with your design.

To Apply:

* Email to express interest – grace@bring2light.org
* Phone interview/conversation (805) 405-7056
* sample of work
* one personal meeting
* working on line, and communicating via phone and text
* hours determined by volunteer’s schedule