We are an online insurance license training and continuing education provider. We are in the process of building and re-designing our website (www.itaamerica.com). We want to build a new home page design and try to capture the old school charm of a school classroom coupled with new technologies (iPad, mobile device, laptop, etc.). We would appreciate any design ideas. Our team has a few ideas that you may want to explore: A classroom with an old blackboard with the ABC’s across the top of the blackboard. On the blackboard, in white chalk, will be written ITAAmerica.com and perhaps ”About Us,: ”Contact Us,” or ”Let’s Get Started.” The idea is to make the chalk writing a hot link.
A teacher will be sitting at an old style teachers desk with an apple on it. A few students sitting at desks in the front row. The teacher and students are looking at and reading from an iPad, a laptop, and a mobile device.
The whole idea is to link the old with the new.
I am anxious to see what some students can come up with. Thanks for getting involved.

To Apply:

I will pay a flat fee of $300 for the winning design.