Quatr.us is an online encyclopedia of history and science. I’ve got a Photoshop mockup of a sample article page, and I’d like someone who knows about design to improve that Photoshop mockup (still in Photoshop) and make it better designed: better alignment, more consistent use of spacing and fonts, better use of color, etc. I expect it would take about three hours, and I’ll pay $50 an hour. I don’t need this turned into an actual live web page, just the mockup in Photoshop, but it should be realistic in terms of what css and html are actually capable of achieving. Potential for future partnership for the right person, as this is an ongoing issue.

To Apply:

Email a resume and a link to some of your design work to karen@quatr.us. Include at least one professional reference (a professor is okay) who can vouch for your work.