Design / Social Media Intern (UNPAID)

Orp Industries, located in the Hawthorne District of Portland, Orpegon, is the founding grounds of the Orp Smart Horn and the REMORP. We seek a very creative, funny, well spoken individual with education / background in design to help us fill our social media campaign with compelling visual and written content.

You will be given a long leash to create, be allowed to break a lot of eggs to come up with fantastic content to add to your portfolio. You will be provided with excellent, no-holds-barred mentoring from an experienced senior product designer (ex- Nike designer and winner of multiple design awards), as well as a tremendous experience opportunity to add to your resume.

– Finding a vast range of photo and video opportunities that are compelling and draw positive attention to the Orp brand

- Storyboarding and executing clever Orp videos for release on social media

- Writing copy and editing photos and video for release on social media
– Occasional random tasks
MUST be proficient in Illustrator, Photoshop and iMovie

- You must be a highly verbal, great communicator that can write.
– Excellent proficiencies in all brands of social media : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

- Background or some completed education in design. Additional marketing or advertising experience is a plus but not required.

- Above average skills in photography and videography.

- Excellent online research skills to find opportunities to expose Orp to the biking masses

- High energy, MOTIVATED, can work autonomously

- Can take direction. You will be given a long leash to be creative and explore (we definitely want that). You will have the benefit of feedback / mentoring /editing directly from Orp Industries’ founder and senior industrial designer.

- A good sense of a humor is essential. There are a lot of frontal lobe release creatives in this office.

- If you are a cycling enthusiast, that is a big plus.

- Having a car with insurance and a valid driver’s license is a huge benefit.
You will need to be able to get to photo shoot locations and do some logistics work. We will reimburse your mileage / gas for any Orp work.

To Apply:

-Please email Tory Orzeck : tory@orzeck.com
-In the subject line, please type your name and ”Orp Design/Social Media Intern”
-Please include:
1. Resume and cover letter
2. References (please list their relationship to you and duration of relationship)
3. We generally receive many, many responses to our internship opportunities. You will put yourself way on top of the stack if you additionally provide any or all of the following:

a. A copy of your portfolio and / or SPECIFIC examples of your proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop, iMovie as well as photography and / or videography

b. A sample of anything that particularly demonstrates your creativity, sense of humor visually and / or in writing

c. Make an argument in your cover letter as to why we should give you this position based on our list of qualifications above

For reference, please see:



Kickstarter campaign video :

”Getting to Know Your Orp” Video: