Design Intern

Start up needs tech savvy, social media savvy designer strong in CS. An interest in research and cars in general is a plus but not required.

Here’s a quick list of desired intern skill sets:
—>Social media savvy.
Master of the platforms we currently use: Insta, FB and Tumblr and familiar with or master
of ones we want to use; YouTube, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc…
—>Proficient in Adobe CC.
Photo shop is probably the most important as the majority of our content is photography.
Simple topics such as image searches to more complex topics such as women in automotive
history and tech specs pertaining to makes and models of cars
—>Familiar with good times and positive vibes!
We all wear allot of hats here at Car Krush, so an intern will need to be laid back, motivated and able to go with the flow.
Students are welcome to email me with questions or comments.

To Apply:

Email, resume, PDF work sample or link to portfolio site to emily@car-krush.com