Creative Director

I work with a local company who is looking to fill a position with some new talent. I am not a recruiter, and I get nothing from the process. This is not some unpaid internship, nor is it anything someone has to pay anything for. This is for a full time position. They would prefer that their name wasn’t list at this time (due to sensitivities with current staff ).

Here is the information:

Creative Director (Temp to Hire Position – Beaverton Area)

You are a force of nature who can create beautiful images that people want on their shirts, bags and personal items. You can breathe life into that tired mascot the local school hasn’t changed in years. You can spark interest in items that will make people want to accessorize with your designs. We should probably get acquainted then, because I am looking for someone who can bring some value to the table.

I would like to start finding talented individuals who are motivated and have the capacity to understand their role in our business model. We are a company whose margins rise and fall based on new designs. I am looking for someone I can give directions to complete a project who can also take charge when not being directed. This individual should have an idea of what inventory is in our warehouse, and develop marketing materials accordingly to move the inventory. Could you help create our catalogs to drive sales? You would work with top management to develop monthly, seasonal and annual marketing plans. The look and feel of the catalog and some of our website needs change and grow. Currently, they sometimes look like someone found a template and keeps swapping out the pictures.

You would be involved in the following activities:

Email marketing campaigns
Print – Catalog, postcards and fliers
Social media accounts
Website design
Managing production artists

Do you have an eye for this, and website development? Please read on.

The environment is based on Adobe products. You will need exercise your photography skills and create fresh designs from old logos. The position is local to Beaverton. You must be willing to be available during dayshift hours, and participate as an active and valued member of our team.

If all of the above sounds like you, please contact me and send your resume. Successful candidates should be prepared to show examples of created apparel logos (the format does not need to be on an article of clothing), examples of your photography, examples of art that you like and your portfolio. Please be prepared to discuss your background (your command of technology, your history with adobe products and your resume.) I’ll be prepared to share additional details of the position with you and show you some current production examples of expected outcomes.

The position is full time with 120 day probationary term. Medical and vacation would commence after the probationary period.

To Apply:

If you have talent and drive this is a great position. If you are interested and have the talent listed above contact me via email and send me your resume. If you would like additional information, I am happy to share additional details.