Contract Graphic Designer

We, the Public Health Practice Team (PHPT), are a small team within the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (SPH). We place SPH grad students with community partners to do paid public health work. We would like to hire someone to design a 2-page ’year-in-review’ document (we provide the text) as well as create 3-5 graphics for additional use. (One graphic, for instance, is a graph to be used in a professional publication.) We are looking for something streamlined and professional using an existing color palette. (That is, this won’t be a super-fancy lay-out; something that’s visually interesting but highlights the text.)

We have a budget of $700 (based on the assumption of about 20 hours of work at $35/hr). We would do a personal contract with you through OHSU, and you would be paid upon delivery of products. We would like to find someone to start this work soon.

To Apply:

Please email Anne Arthur (PHPT Project Manager) at arthura@ohsu.edu with some samples of your work. We will review submissions until we find a suitable person but please note that would like to find someone asap. If you are a potential candidate, I can send you more reference materials for your review prior to your accepting the contract. Thank you for your consideration.