If you checked our website you can see we need you! We are a fresh, young start-up with awesome opportunities and of course many battles in front of us. We work whenever and wherever but stay focused on the strategy to make this company fly.
Right now there are only the four founders running the show.
But we need you to take us even further.

What we do:
We are creating an advertising exchange that uses commercial real estate windows as a platform to deliver digital marketing to pedestrians!

With us you can make a real difference. You don’t work for us you work with us to make things pop. In addition we work together with Fir Northwest for our marketing campaigns and messaging so you actually have a bigger team to collaborate with.

What we need:
A great person. That’s really it, almost.
A great person who will work with us to help create the visual image for the company.
Website graphics.
Logo and integrated visuals for brochures and other materials etc.
In addition, if you know front-end development we will offer you champagne or coffee or whatever keeps you going.

What we offer:
Deep look into the field of growing a new start-up.
Real influence on creating an esthetic brand and growing company.
Great chance to build an ongoing relationship with us and even join the team or work with our advertising clients in the future.
Oh, and did we mention we are a start-up and as we are funded from our own pockets and loans, we can’t really do monetary compensation but offer even more in experience.

To Apply:

To Apply
Just email a short cover letter, resume and work of art to miska@transflection.com, with a catchy subject line and we will get back to each and everyone of you. This boat is about to sail so the deadline is March 1st, 2016