Here is a brief description of what we are looking for with this current project.

I will go through a few of the products for examples:


Many names of competitors pre-workouts are things such as Craze, Mr. Hyde, White Noise, Beast, Creature, Xpolde, and Curse.

The reason I bring up all these names is to show how they are marketing there pre-workout brand. All the pre-workouts are about extending workouts, making a person push past their physical limits, hit new levels not capable without the product.

We would want to illustrate the same but through graphics like a realistic superhero or person who is a regular human that is morphing into a superhero or animalistic self after taking the product. Our product turns a bright neon green in water is kind of like when you watch the newer Hulk movies. His blood starts turning the cells green and multiplying as it courses through his veins. My thought is a man morphing into a green animalistic muscle bound superhero showing green muscle fibers and morphing into a ”superhero”. Does that make sense?

Next is the ”Fat Burner”. Many are called burn, shred, Lypo 6, Ignite, Lean, Iron Cuts. Most are marketed more towards women but still something men take as well.

My thought here would be a woman character and something along the lines of burn. It could be a woman morphing into a superhero that is kind of like the fantastic four flame guy. It should illustrate a lean very in shape woman with the ability to burn or destroy fat. The bottle we will be using could be a translucent red color with red color capsules. We could use another color if you have a different direction or idea.

These graphics need to be very realistic and stay away from looking childish or cartoon like. I hope this gives you a direction to what I’m looking to create and have as a marketing tool for the launch of this product line/company. Please let me know if you think this would be a good fit for you. We can start with an email conversation and from there maybe some sketches. Some examples of the type of art I am thinking is like the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, New Hulk movies, Ninja Turtles movie. Also, like the ware wolves tearing their skin off and morphing in the Underworld series or the vampires in the same movie that is half vampire half ware wolf. Also, Van Helsing, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with the Mr. Hyde Character.

Hope that helps. Thanks for your consideration and I hope this is the type of art you could become very passionate about to showcase your skills with a company that will be seen by people throughout the US. As we grow, we plan on adding new characters with each product and also extend the marketing to shirts, blender bottles, and even ideas like online comic series etc. if it makes sense and can be done. We look forward to hearing from you!

To Apply:

Please start with an email to Forrest Jackson at jacksfn@hotmail.com and we can set up a phone conversation. Thanks again for your consideration.