Business Development Manager

Love Bottle produces reusable glass water bottles with designs inspired by love. We are currently in the process of moving our manufacturing from China to the United States. When our new bottles roll out, we would love to have some fresh designs. In the past we have had other students submit designs, and they worked out great! We feel like this is an excellent opportunity for students. You will be creating a design for our target market. i.e. women aged 25-40 with a relatively high disposable income. They like to shop for organic foods, enjoy yoga and meditation, and have a strong spiritual connection.

If your design is chosen, not only will you get to see your design printed, but we will ship you a case of 24 small bottle, or 12 large (Our bottles are available in 500 ml and 1000 ml sizes) Not to mention, it will be a great portfolio piece.

To Apply:

If you are interested in submitting a design, please email me at robert@lovebottle.net

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.