Brochure Designer

ArtPass is a new nonprofit that aims to improve the hospital experience for kids and teens by connecting them through the sharing of art. We do this through two programs — one is an art pen pal program in which we pair two patients in the same hospital who make and trade art with/for each other. The other is a program in which patients make art for the patients who will stay in their room after they are discharged. We aim to promote friendship, courage, and joy through our programs. Our vision is to help break down the naturally isolating nature of the hospital. We are launching our programs at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in May and we need a brochure that will be given to every family admitted to the hospital explaining what ArtPass is and how they can get involved with our programs. The brochure will be given to over 2,500 families a month! Since we are a youth based nonprofit, we’re looking for a PSU student to help design a great brochure for us!

To Apply:

If interested, please send an email at artpassprogram@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!