Brand/Packaging Graphic Designer

Hi all,

I am looking for a energetic, forward thinking graphic designer who wants to help build a bedding brand from the bottom up!
With over ten years of experience working for Corporate brands I know how important good branding can be! (and I know I am NOT a graphic designer ;)) I would love to give this work to someone who wants to dive in on ideas over coffee and really explore possibilities for logo’s, tags, boxes, enclosures, labels…really excited about using great materials and making the graphic design and packaging an important part of the branding.

I have a mood board with a definite direction going- would love to collaborate with you on taking these general ideas and making them into something really special. I would say my style is vintage inspired…but more Madewell than Kinfolk- if that makes sense to you- email me!

Position could be paid or school credit. Let’s talk!

To Apply:

Please send an email with your name and portfolio to hellovaultco@gmail.com.